See why customers love our cheese

We make food to its satisfaction.

Our customers love it!

My kids love it!
It’s so cheesy.
Our pizza is even better 
with our favourite Happy Valley
Mozzarella Cheese!

Sherylnne Clay

Proud mother of two

When we eat outside we always
bring out Happy Valley Grated
Parmesan Cheese
with our favourite spaghetti
and pizza meals.

Rhina Dwight


Happy Valley Burger
Slice! It’s a perfect
addition to any burger.
I recommend it to everyone.

Lesly Bloom

Freelance Marketer

Thank you, Happy Valley
for making quality dairy cheese.
It’s amazing! I can use in my menu.


Dennis McKinnon

Restaurant Owner

We are really surprised
that the cheese taste so amazing.
The party was a blast, and 
Happy Valley Parmesan Cheese
made it even better!

Olivia Simmons

Food Host

I bought Happy Valley Fetta
about a week ago and it was
delicious. We will definitely
purchase more.

Sherly Ong

Franchise Business Owner

Made with fresh cow’s milk. 
Happy Valley cheeses made our
food flavourful and tastier,
especially their mozzarella cheese.

Lindsey Logan

Kitchen Manager

I’m a big fan of their cheese.
It’s always fresh,
and it’s suitable 
for my entire family.

Mary Jones

Food Designer

Buy this product often.
They have delicious natural-tasting cheeses.
Perfect for toppings and sandwiches. They also have different varieties available.

Jane Wilson


This is the only brand I use.
Decent cheese slices.

James Turner

Business Owner

We love having real
cheese slices at a decent
price. I am always on the
hunt for these to go on sale
to stock up as they are
the best thing to have
on a burger.

Ana Martin

Food Lover

Reliable brand for cheese,
made from natural
ingredients, fresh and rich taste,
no preservatives and
make food taste better.

Peter Smith

Food Researcher

Our customers love it!