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Happy Valley Dairy is governed by the Australian Food Standards Code (the Code) which is administered by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). The Code sets the legal requirements for labelling, composition, safety, handling, and primary producing and processing of food in Australia. It has also led us to set quality standards for food recalls, batch tracking, laboratory verification testing, sensory assessment, and food security. It underpins our commitment to health, wellness and optimal nutrition. This includes assessing every product for key nutritional factors, ingredients, and its suitability for different dietary requirements, health conditions and social, religious and cultural demographics. It means you can buy Happy Valley Dairy products with confidence that you are buying safe, quality food. The Happy Valley Dairy range is also delicious and good for you!

SQF and HACCP certification

Happy Valley Dairy holds the internationally recognised Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification. This management system demonstrates our strong and credible commitment not just to food safety, but also quality.

It confirms that we produce, process, prepare and handle food products to the highest possible standards globally. We undergo regular audits against these standards by independent auditors and government regulators.

Happy Valley Dairy is also HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified. This further demonstrates our commitment to producing and trading in safe food. As part of our certification, we take part in regular audits, with the purpose of identifying hazards that have the potential to affect food safety and hygiene.

Your privacy and security are assured

We work with a dedicated team of experts across privacy, information security, physical security, internal audit, compliance and supplier risk.

We strive to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of all data we collect, handle, process and store regarding all business dealings with our customers and suppliers, including customer contractual agreements.

We are proactive in our approach to policy development and the management of information. We only use the information for the purpose for which it was intended, and we do not share information with third parties.

We ensure our approach to privacy and security remains compliant with current security and privacy laws.