Mild Natural Cheddar


Mild Natural Cheddar

The full, rich flavour of cheddar cheese and its perfect melting properties have made it one of the most popular styles in the world. Our cheddar cheese has wonderful qualities, making it a standout choice for so many uses, from pizza and pasta toppings to simply being enjoyed by itself as a tasty snack.

Aged between only three to four months, our Happy Valley Dairy’s cheddar is a young natural cheese with a clean, mellow flavour. This makes it a great introduction to natural cheese for young children – and it’s high in calcium to strengthen their growing bones. It’s firm, yet not dry and crumbly, so it’s easy to slice. It’s also made with full cream, which means it has superior melting properties – ideal for toasted sandwiches and cheesy pizza toppings.

We vacuum pack each block for guaranteed freshness, and we gas flush shredded packs for extended shelf life.

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