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“Taste Australia” Australia representative Gao Gerui & celebrity chef Harley Gerlach live show

The Australian office held an annual “Taste of Australia” food exhibition at the Far East International Hotel in Taipei on March 14th. In addition to allowing many food and agricultural manufacturers to negotiate with Taiwanese agents, the atmosphere is warm and exciting. The eyes of many Taiwanese consumers, the Australian office representative Gary Cowan and the specially invited Australian chef Harley Gerlach wearing the chef’s clothes to show their cooking skills at the venue is to introduce Australia’s quality and delicious food to Everyone, when the “red thorn shrimp”, which was the first fat and nourishing oil, was finished, it really won warm applause from the audience.

Gao Gerui, the representative of the Australian office in Taiwan, unveiled a speech at the exhibition. Australia is Taiwan’s fourth-largest supplier of agricultural products and food. The main projects are beef and mutton, cereals, wine and dairy products, etc., Australia’s pure natural environment. And strict health safety standards and quarantine conditions, so the food quality is excellent, safe and secure.

Gao Gerui pointed out that pure, green, high-quality, and trustworthy Australian food and beverages have been widely known and recognized by Taiwanese consumers; he stressed that Australia’s open policy on trade has helped the agricultural sector improve productivity and product quality. It also gives Australian farmers and rural areas a higher income. Currently, two-thirds of Australia’s agricultural products are exported overseas. Gao Gerui suggested that when Taiwan hopes to increase agricultural exports, find new markets, and increase rural incomes, Taiwan’s farmers and consumers will gain more benefits through the process of liberalizing agricultural trade.

The Australian office said that the promotion of “Taste of Australia” is to introduce more and better products to everyone. Vendors from Australia’s seafood, beef, oil, beverages, dairy products, baby food, and health foods can be seen at the scene. Take off the suit and change to the chef’s white office. Gao Gerui and Chef Harley Gerlach cook the main dish of the hot pot show. It is a red thorn that is caught in the 200-300 meters deep water and natural pollution-free Great Barrier Reef waters on the east coast of Australia. Shrimp, this kind of shrimp is frozen on the boat as soon as it is caught. It tastes sweet and sweet, and it is very easy to cook when it is bitten.

Another eye-catching feature is the use of Howstin beef, which is more than 700 days old and can supplement natural nutrients such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Due to the unique feeding method, the meat is more grazing than normal. Beef is more nutritious and has a rich distribution of oil and oil. The oil has a low melting point, soft and juicy, comparable to Australia and cattle. The level of oil and flowers is also close to Australia and cattle. The Australian Office emphasizes that this is the preferred choice for steak lovers!

The focus of the two high-profile “Australian Men’s” cooking show, in addition to the creamy garlic red thorn shrimp and the slow-cooked Hessian beef bran, the pineapple sweet and sour sauce, and the Antarctic ice fish. With kohlrabi and ginger) and the Australian specialty vegetable ice cream (Vegemite Ice Cream), etc.; at the promotion venue of the matchmaking commercial trade, at the same time, the fragrance of cooking Australian cuisine, this carefully arranged exhibition, deep Received praise and applause from Australian manufacturers, Taiwan traders, food chefs, and the media. Yakult’s Purchasing Manager Lin Qingmei believes that the Australian Office continues to promote Taiwanese consumers to understand Australian agriculture and food, which is commendable.


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